Friday, July 3, 2009

The First Month of Summer!!

I can not believe that the first month of summer has flown by so quickly. I guess when you stay as busy as you normally are, thing just fly by. I hope things will slow down just a little bit.

My last day of school was extremely sad!! I am definately going to miss my class. They were such a great group of kids and were also extremely thoughtful. They had planned a suprise birthday party for me a week before school got out; they br0ugh treats, decorations, and gifts. It was so nice of them!! I made a year end video and it broke my heart when we watched it on the last day. I will miss them!!

June started off busy as normal with the dance recital. It went well and it was so fun to watch all of them without having to run around crazy. Dance continued to fill the month up with daily practices before Nationals in Las Vegas. It was a great trip and the girls did fantastic. Brylee had a great time playing with Cory and the boys. I spent the entire weekend at the competition and that didn't leave a lot of room for playing!! We just recently had auditions and that went well, but of course dance auditions are always the worst time of the year. The girls now have the month off, but can participate in some mini camps.

I just had surgery at the beginning of the week, losing on of my ovaries to a giant cyst. It was the size of half a canteloupe. I have had a little bit of a rough time recovering and can't wait to just feel better. I am so grateful for the family and friends that I have that offered and helped take care of me and my girls while I have been down. It is great to know that there are so many great people around!!!

I am looking forward to spending a lot of time with my two girls this month, they are growing so fast. Brylee is talking like crazy and now repeats every word that is said. That means that we have to be careful or else she will pick it up. For example, Cory said crap the other day and now Brylee thinks that she needs to say it. Oh man, one little thing and she will remember it forever. She is so fun and I am grateful to have her in our family. I really want to get working on the potty training, so hopefully that will come this month. Ellie is growing like a weed, and I think she will be sitting up before rolling over. She loves to sit up on her own and giggles and talks all the time. I am grateful to have two healthy children to brighten my life each day!!!


Shawn and Lily said...

Melissa your the cutest Mommy on the block. You should bring them over sometime and our little ones can play :) Hope you're feeling better from surgery.

Cristi & McKay Morley said...

Hey guys, I'm so glad I found your blog! I haven't seen or talked to you forever! It looks like everything is going well! I saw Greg at the mall the other day and He filled me in on everything! I just started blogging again and if you want to visit my blog leave your email address at mcmorley07.blogspot so I can invite you! Love you guys!

Riley and Kandas Woolford said...

I miss you! I never see you now that it is summer. I didn't even know you were having surgery. Can I do anything??

BJ said...

class reunion tickets are for sale through the blog, $7/each before deadline for purchase is July 10th or you can purchase at the door for $10/each. Hope you can make it. It's at the high school from 6-9 p.m. adults only. on July 31st, 2010 Thank you!